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Prayers for the Day

Daily Prayer for December 6

"Come!" say the Spirit and the bride. "Come!" let each hearer reply. Come forward, you who are thirsty; accept the water of life, a free gift to all who desire it. Revelation 22:17, NEB

Lord our God and Father in heaven, be with us and let your face shine upon us, for we are your children. In the midst of all human planning we are your children who seek you alone, who seek your will, your kingdom, and everything you have promised to humankind. Fill our thoughts and feelings with your power so that our lives on earth may belong to you, so that with our whole will we may put every thing we have and are into your hands. For we want to be your children, to have one will with you, Almighty God. We want your kingdom. This is our will, O Lord our God, and it is your will too. Therefore it must come to pass, to the glory of your name. Amen.

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The Word of God Holistic Wellness and Health Institute

Enter the Gates with Thanksgiving and Praise

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Bible News Forum

The Resurrection of Religious Russia

Russia's religious revival is creating a symphony between church and state in Russia, both working with similar aims. This was foreseen by Bible students who have been looking for these events since the 1860s and even predicted the religious revival of Russia when atheistic communism was in full force during the cold war. 

US: It Isn't Illegal for Jews to Live in Judea

"I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul".  God's declaration of intention to "settle" Israel... Surely His hand is now visible in action.

Here is a video version (sorry about the spelling error, it should read, "God is Doing it with his Whole Heart..."):

The Holy Alliance Behind the Fall of the Berlin Wall

In these dramatic events of 30 years ago, climaxing with the fall of the Berlin wall in November 1989, we were given a rare glimpse into the political influence and methods of the Vatican as a democratic upheaval brought about the collapse of atheistic communism in Poland and then in the Soviet Union making way for the unification of Europe.

NATO is Brain Dead, Europe Looks to Russia for Strategic Alliance.

France’s president has told the world NATO is brain dead. He is proposing a European Army in its place. He is also calling for Europe disengage with America and to engage with Russia as a strategic partner in Europe. 

Uprisings and Turmoil Grip the Middle East

Lebanon and Iraq, nations that escaped the Arab Spring are now experiencing significant uprisings. Turkey, the national remnant of the Ottoman Empire has flooded over its border into Syria engaging in warfare against the Kurds. The UK Guardian posted an article today with the headline, "Frustration and anger fuel wave of youth unrest in Arab world”. The article focuses on discontent in the Kingdom of Jordan. It’s eight years since the Arab Spring. Will this be an Arab Autumn?


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December 3


Grace Be To You and Peace From God The Father, and from Our Lord Jesus Christ "Discover The Way of LOVE!"

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Loving to Learn Health, Education, and Social Services Professional Educator's Credentialing Association or TEACHER'S UNION FOR CERTIFICATION AND LICENSING INTERNS

Loving to Learn Clinics and Centers Association
”Helping People Get Answers To Problems!”


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Holistic Wellness and Health Services

HealingxChange – (323) 73-LIGHT
Opportunity-Unity-Restoration Center
”You’re Welcome in O.U.R. Place!



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    You Must Ask for Eternal Life... Matthew 21:22 - And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. John 16:24 - Here to have you asked nothing in my name: ask, and you shall receive, that your joy…


    Created by Bishop Dr Joshua Smith, Founder Oct 18, 2011 at 3:47am. Last updated by Bishop Dr Joshua Smith, Founder Mar 21, 2014.

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    Daily Bible Verse & Prayer

    Today's Verse - John 8:12

    When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

    John 8:12

    Thoughts on Today's Verse...

    Are you walking in light or darkness? Can you clearly see your path, or do you find yourself stumbling along an uncertain path? Jesus wants us to boldly follow him. The way may not always be easy, but the destination is assured, and your way can be certain. Most of all, you won't ever have to have a night light — you're assured that even in the deepest darkness, you will have his light, the only light that gives life.

    My Prayer...

    Wonderful and tender Shepherd, please give me a faithful heart. Even in my deepest moments of darkness and despair, I want to be able to find your Light and to share his life with others. In the name of the One who is never darkness, Jesus the Light of the world, I pray. Amen.

    All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

    Praise The LORD Jesus Christ


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