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Comment by Coach Dean Golden on March 16, 2016 at 3:47pm

Dr. Joshua Smith,

What I got out of my Winter Quarter, December 7, 2015 - March 10, 2016
By: Trustee Coach Dean Golden, March 14th, 2016
My calling is to develop a Trustee Coaching workshop designed after what Landmark’s program look like but bringing it back to the source and that is God. I am now enrolled in the “Word of God International University. Where I am learning more on the understanding of this. As I move through my Associates, Bachelor then into my Masters then Doctorates Degrees I will flush this out into a full curriculum around how to “Let Go and Let God.”
In my first Winter Quarter December 7, 2015 - March10, 2016 I took on the Associates Courses. On Mondays it was; Old and New Testament Survey II, Tuesdays; Present Day Truth and Motivational Gifts II. On Wednesdays it was, Church History II and Systematic Theology II. Thursdays I had the privilege of taking On Fire Evangelism along with Tabernacle Series II.
Each class has asked for a paper on what I got out of them, So here it is: I got that what I thought that I knew about the teachings of the Bible was just the tip of the ice-berg.  There is so much more that I do not know that I do not know about the depths of theology beyond the stories and teachings. In Systematic Theology I learn how to research by understanding that there are strictures of connected thought found written by different writers that confirm and even build on a subject. We as men have taken some of this and develop a reason to divide the body into camps that has a different view of the truth; this is what I got out of Church History.
As we read the stories and time lines of who begot whom that lead to the Birth of Jesus. Starting out in the Old Testament then into the New Testament we can see how God made everything and everyone. Then how we as man have been tricked by the ways of the fallen angels to turn away from God and be as gods ourselves. Then how God has set up a way for us to be reunited back into fellowship with Him. In the On Fire Evangelism we learn how to share this truth and bring others into the walk with Christ Jesus. This teaching leads right into the Present Day Truth. As we live our lives as an example of how to walk with Jesus as this is the present day truth that reaches deep into others lives and pulls them into wonting to know the Lord as their personal Lord and savior.   
Now what I got out of the teachings of the Tabernacle of Moses went deep in to thinking as a theologian. I knew a lot about the stories as taught in Sunday school. Dr. Perry Moore told us the same story but as a theologian. The meaning of each part came alive in my/our lives. Where we truly are the tabernacles where God reigns. Our bodies are made by Him to inhabit as we yield to Him.  
It is always a treat to be in a class with Dr. Mike Strevel his take on the Motivational Gifts was a incite on how I as a trustee coach can do my coaching from. This is one book that I will buy and hold onto as I move through this education and into my ministry as a coach. As every class he teaches he can point out what needs to be developed into the “Trustee Coaching Workbook” and my Doctoral program of writing the full trustee coaching curriculum around how to “Let Go and Let God.”
As I am known as, Trustee Coach Dean Golden, in the Order of Melchizedek Royal Priesthood, Overseer and his successors a Corp Sole for NewStart Resource Network; I am looking forward to our next Quarter where I will be attending the Bachelors coerces as I have earn a enough credit hours from my time in Landmark Education.
Thank you all for this past quarter’s experience in learning a deeper understanding of God’s Word.  I am committed to getting even deeper exposures into the Word of God in the spring quarter.
With much Love and Respect
Coach Dean Golden  


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